Richard H. Baker March Against Elder Abuse
The Cinderella Group

Richard H. Baker

March Against Elder Abuse


June 21, 2014

8:30 PM

Staybridge Suites Hotel - 1577 15th Street


Razorback Pizza - HWY 62 West

If you have lost someone or know someone who has lost someone to elder abuse we ask you to join our family in our march.

We will march from the Entrance of the Staybridge Suites Hotel to Razorback Pizza on HWY 62.  We will carry candles and the way will be lit with luminere bags.

If you would like to write the name of the person you lost on one of the bags please show up 45 minutes early.

Elder Abuse Awareness Colors are Purple. If you have a purple shirt please wear it.

Please let us know you are coming. You can contact us at:

Our Story

We adored our stepmother for 10 years. When our father was diagnosed with cancer on April 9, 2010 she changed.

  • She cancelled his 4th chemo treatment, after his Dr. told him he was going to live on 6/11/10
  • She moved him to a state where she believed 100% of his assets went to her upon his death
  • She kept him out of treatment for 7 1/2 weeks
  • She withheld his morphine
  • She banned his children from coming to his house
  • She removed his children from the doctor's call list

    He died on 10/30/10

We were trying to facilitate getting our father the care he needed. Since she was his legal guardian our only recourse was to take this to the courts to try to gain an involuntary guardianship. Not knowing how long our father had to live we decided to work around her to try to keep him as comfortable as possible until his death.

We are currently seeking legal prosecution.


March Route/Map

Walk up 15th Street toward HWY 62

Turn left on HWY 62

Turn right into Razorback Pizza's Parking Lot

Our Goal

The Cinderella GroupThe Cinderella Group is trying to create awareness of the current laws on record when your parent is ailing, but has remarried.

If you do not agree with the medical care your step-parent is providing the only recourse you have in the state of Arkansas is to apply to the courts for an involuntary guardianship. If your parent is dying of a major illness you may not have the time to wait for the court system to resolve the issue.

We would like to see a system instituted that would provide a social worker that could assess the situation as soon as there is a complaint. Our idea is something similar to what happens when there is a complaint of child abuse.



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